Yum Yums

Yum yums are a delicious, healthy, & easy snack.

Yum yums are a delicious, healthy, & easy snack.

I’m going to divert a little from classroom learning and news to share a recent observation. In 5th grade, we try to give the kids a little more independence and freedom. One way I do that is by telling them that they can eat their snacks anytime they want during the day. As long as they don’t make a mess, I don’t make a fuss. But lately I’ve started to notice that the kids seem to be eating all day. I don’t really think it’s excessive. They’re all hitting a pretty significant growth spurt. It’s probably natural that they’d be hungry all the time. I just feel sorry for the parents having to supply all the snacks! So, I thought I’d share a simple little recipe for one of my favorite snacks. I don’t have a perpetually hungry 5th grader living in my home, but I do have a husband with a stomach that sometimes seems like a bottomless pit. So, I know a little something about it.

First, a little background about this recipe. I got it from my mother-in-law. She’s a professional hoof trimmer. Her daily work is wrestling horses and trimming their feet. And you should see her guns! Yes, I’m talking about her arms. They’re quite impressive. I knew with a demanding job like that, she must expend a lot of energy. When she shared this recipe with me she emphasized that it was 1) super easy 2) healthy with lots of protein 3) easy to pop in her mouth so she can have her hands free to work on the horses & 4) super delicious! I’ve made a batch every week or so ever since, and they are a hit everywhere I share them.

This recipe is easy enough for your 5th grader to make it him/herself. There’s no baking or cooking involved, not even a microwave. The version I use does involve peanut butter, so you’ll want to make some substitutions, if you have nut allergies in your home.

ingredientsYum yums

(makes 15-20 yum yums)


-1 cup finely shredded coconut divided in half (I like to use the toasted kind)

-1 cup peanut butter

-1 cup cut-up figs or raisins

-½ cup honey

-½ tsp. salt

-2 Tbs. flax seeds



Roll the ball into the shredded coconut to create an outer layer.

Roll the ball into the shredded coconut to create an outer layer.

  1. Mix all ingredients together except for ½ cup coconut.
  2. Scoop out 1 Tbs at a time and roll into a ball in the other ½ cup coconut. Do this for the entire mixture.
  3. Refrigerate until you’re ready to enjoy. Two is a good serving. Yum Yum!

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